The ministry of acolyte has a rich history, which stems from Old Testament times. The acolyte assists the priest in order that the Holy Eucharist and other rites of the Church may be celebrated with simple dignity and permit full participation. The youth of the church, ages eight and up, are given the opportunity to learn more about the Episcopal Church and to actively participate in the services.

Present Day

Saint Sebastian’s by-the-Sea’s acolyte program goes back over 50 years. Generally, acolytes come from the children & grand-children of church members.

CHILDREN (4th grade & older) & ADULTS  OF ANY AGE are encouraged to apply and participate!



All new Acolytes will receive training from the Acolyte Leader, Priest and veteran Acolytes. Experienced Acolytes will be expected to help out the new Acolytes. You will also receive an informational booklet on how to Acolyte properly.

While we recognize how important and serious the job of the Acolyte is, we also try to have fun. We schedule fun events for the Acolytes such as pool parties, rock climbing, movies, bowling, etc.

To inquire about becoming an Acolyte, or to help support the Acolytes,  please contact or 321-723-3015