BULLETIN: Week of 7/19/20

Click here for The Seventh Sunday After Pentecost, Morning Prayer Rite II 10:15 AM Bulletin, Announcements and Notes.

As a reminder, 8:00am Rite I Holy Eucharist Service has been suspended until further notice.  Therefore, please find the following schedule changes:

  • 8:30am to 9:30am: Drive Thru Communion in the parking lot
  • 10:15am: Rite II Morning Prayer via Zoom

Please continue to keep our country and our people in your prayers.  As Fr. Garry says – with God’s continued blessings, we will overcome this virus and emerge a better and stronger nation.

If you have any questions and/or problems, please do not hesitate to contact Kay at church, 321-723-3015, or on my cell, 321-544-5074.

See you Sunday.


PLEASE PRAY FOR: Marilyn (Carter), Dick & Ann (Seitzer), George (Maul), Ralph (Perers), Cullen (Perers), Esti (Smodell), Nancy (Miller), Ann & Thomas (Bays), Barbara (Lockwood), Victoria (Jameson), Diocese of Honduras, Dee (Levey), Josh

(Sherman), Carmela (Fawver), Frank (Thomas), D.R. (Babcock), Michelle, Amanda, Samantha, Dillon & Alyssa (Libasci), Linda (MacDonald), Scott & Alyssa (Yandel), Jessi (Barker), Thomas (Heiber), Healthcare Workers Family Members

The Altar Flowers are given in Loving Memory of Ray O’Connor by Doreen Yandell.

The Sanctuary Candle signifies the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament held in reserve and is given in Loving Memory of Betty Matarazzo by Carmella Fawver.

Birthdays: Christopher Maul, Ron TenEyck, Roger Hunt, Kelley Hunt, Sylvia MacAllister

Lectors for 10:15 Service: Kelley Hunt, David Rector, Priscilla Blyseth

Altar Guild: Judy Divine, Bob Sielski

Welcome – With enthusiasm, we welcome you to our St. Sebastian’s Family. All baptized Christians of any denomination are welcome to receive communion in the Episcopal Church and All are welcome for a blessing. If you are a guest this morning and wish additional information, please call the church office at 321-723-3015.

Thrift Shop Update:

“As we close our career with the Shop of the Gulls, Robyn and I wish to thank the many volunteers who have spent many hours over past years working to make the thrift shop a viable donation to St Sebastian Church. Without your dedication and support, it would not exist. May the Shop continue to grow.” – Pete Peterson


Dress Down Sunday July 26th

Be Yourself & Come As You Are!

There will be no Drive-By Communion Sunday, July 26th , so everyone can be home in time for the 10:15am Zoom Service where you are welcome to “come as you are!”

Yes, that means you can stay in your pajamas with your coffee/tea in hand, breakfast on hand. Or, dress up as your “alter ego” and let them surface! Whatever you decide, join us for 10:15 Zoom Service


Calendar of Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Sunday – 8:30am Drive Thru Communion

Sunday – 10:15am Morning Prayer via Zoom

Tuesday, July 21st – 6:00pm Vestry Meeting Via Zoom

Wednesday, July 22nd – 9:30am Healing via Zoom

Sunday, July 26th – It’s Dress Down Sunday! 10:15am Morning Prayer via Zoom – (No Drive Thru Communion)

Tuesday, July 28th – DOK Meeting – 2:30pm Smodell Hall


Prayer List – To add someone to the prayer list, please call the church office. It will be listed for 6 weeks.

Healing is available during 10:15AM Sunday & 9:30AM Wednesday Services.

Hospital – Please let us know if you are in the hospital or will be going to the hospital. Let the hospital know St. Sebastian’s by-the-Sea Episcopal in Melbourne Beach is your church.

Mr. Can Do – Nonperishable food items are collected and taken to Second Harvest. The cart is located in the Narthex or call the church office.