Simple Ways to Pray for Healing

St. Francis Center for Restoration
Celebrates 20 Years of Ministry

“Simple Ways to Pray for Healing”
Fr. Matt Linn, SJ

Wed., Feb. 20, 7:00 PM
$10.00 donation appreciated for Fr. Matt’s ministry.

We are delighted to again host Fr. Matt.  As our board member for 15 years, it is fitting that his teaching lead us into a new avenue for healing.  We will host healing services several times a year where we will invite “thin space” where the Holy Spirit invites deep healing on many levels. The evening will include praise and meditative music, mini teachings on a healing subject, and prayer team ministry  (healthcare professionals, clergy and spiritual directors).      Dates TBA.

 Soaking prayer available by appointment.
Phone: 321-728-8222