Health & Safety Guidelines

Hello, My St. Sebastian’s Family, 

One reads from the collect for Pentecost, “…on this day you opened the way of eternal life...”, and from Acts 2:42 “...continue in the apostle’s teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in the prayers.”

Starting Sunday, May 31, 2020, we will be partially opening our church for worship during this Phase I per the guidelines of our Diocese.  Please find the following schedule:

        8:00am – Rite I Service in Church Sanctuary (video through Facebook Live -see below)

        9:00 – 9:45am – Drive Thru Communion in the parking lot

        10:15am –   Rite II Morning Prayer via Zoom

50 persons or less – According to guidelines, we need to maintain maximum of 50 persons or less, including Father, Ushers, and Readers/LEMs/Altar Guild.  

Masks – We are aware that the wearing of masks may be problematic for some individuals.  The Diocese does request that persons unable to wear face protection/face masks at this time to remain at home.  This avoids putting themselves and others at risk contracting COVID-19.  If you forget your masks, we will have a small supply of extra masks.  We will also have hand sanitizer and gloves for your protection. 

Upon arrival – Ushers will be greeting you and taking attendance – this is a prerequisite for social tracing purposes.  Ushers will also be guiding you to your seat upon arrival as the pews have been blocked off, alternating pews for social distancing.  Please follow your Usher’s guidance.  

Visitors – we LOVE our visitors!  Ushers will also be asking our visitors for contact information, ie: their name(s), address, phone number and/or email.  If we do not have good records, we will have no way of contacting them or welcoming them to our Church!

Children – There will be no Sunday School or nursery; however, should a child be present, we will have clip boards w/ pencils and papers to keep them entertained – they have also been disinfected.

Bulletins – All prayer books, bibles, and song books have been removed.  You are encouraged to bring your own Prayer Book or as the bulletin will be sent to you prior to service, use your iPhone or iPad during the service.  Bulletins will be all inclusive for the entire service.  We are asking you to please keep your bulletins during the Pentecost Season and bring them back with you each Sunday.  Lectionary inserts will be provided each week, an Announcement sheet will also be provided weekly. 

Peace – will be touch-free, no shaking hands and no hugging.  We will be waving the Peace sign as usual.

Communion – once you receive your envelope containing your blessed wafer/wine, please wait until you return to your seat before consuming.  Usher will guide you single file to the altar and guide you back to your pew.  Please follow your Usher’s guidance.  

Offerings – We will not be passing Alms Basins until further notice.  Baskets are placed in front of the steps of the altar and in front of the baptismal font for your pledges and/or talent envelopes.  We will also have recycling bins at the exits for all paper goods and waste baskets for your wipes and/or Kleenex.  

Dismissal – Ushers will also be guiding parishioners by row/pew starting from the back of the Sanctuary and continuing to the front.  Fr. Garry will leave the Narthex and stand under the large shade tree to greet you after service.  Please follow your Usher’s guidance.  

Coffee Hour – Fellowship/Coffee Hour has been canceled until further notice.  Smodell Hall will locked each Sunday during services, which means the bathrooms behind the altar in the old Parish Hall are the only facilities available.  

Facebook Live – You can watch the 8:00 service on Facebook even if you do not have an account.  You can watch at 8:00 live or watch it later at your convenience.

On your web browser, type the following URL: 

The page should pop up.  As soon as we begin taping (around 8:00 AM), the video should pop up. ( You may have to refresh the page).  You can now watch it live.

While watching, it may pop up a screen asking you to log in.  Hit cancel and the video should continue.

You can also go to this URL and watch it later.

We want everyone to know that our Sexton, Scott, has taken every precaution to ensure the church, pews, entrance way, bathrooms, all doors/handles, etc. have been cleaned and disinfected.  We do ask that if you or others you know, develop COVID-19 symptoms, please notify the clergy immediately!  Notify your local Health Department as required.  Seek medical attention to confirm/deny exposure or positive test.  Determine date and time of most recent visit to the church so we can contact other attendees.

                                FORWARD IN FAITH AND NOT FEAR,

                                        IN CAUTION AND PREPAREDNESS

We know we have given you quite a bit of information – if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the church office or myself. 

Your Faithful Shepherd,

Fr. Garry +