Adult Bible Study



9:15 am to 9:45 am every Sunday


Date Lesson Topic
1 December 1 The use of Verse in Hebrew Scriptures 


8 December 2 Hebrew Scriptural References to Music – Psalmody 


15 December 3 Examples of a Didactic Acrostic Psalm and the J/E duo 


22 December N/A No Class due to holidays 


29 December N/A No Class due to holidays 


5 January 4 Music during the period of the Judges, to the establishment of the Saul/David dynasty 


12 January 5 King David and King Solomon 


19 January 6 The Prophets – Ezra, Nehemiah, First and Second Isaiah 


26 January 7 The Prophets – Isaiah(s), Jeremiah, Micah, and Zephaniah 


2 February (Presentation) 8 The music, or lack of music, in the Gospels 


9 February 9 New Testament / Apostolic Scriptural Reference to Music 


16 February 10 Music in the Early Church: Pre-Constantine
23 February 11 Music in the Early Church: Gregory, Ambrose and Augustine of Hippo 


1 March (St David’s Day) First Sunday of Lent 12 Early music in the church in England 


8 March 13 How the Council of Trent & Benedict XIV tried to stop Roman Catholic music and how their objections encouraged the music of the Reformation. How the Baptists created the modern hymns 


15 March (Ides of March) 14 The Victorian Age, the Oxford Movement, and the development of rival hymnbooks: 


22 March 15 African American hymnody. The rise of Pentecostalism. 


29 March 16 Modern Trends